What services can Matt Creamer provide?

Audio compositions:

I am available for commissions on projects of all sizes. I prefer to charge per minute of completed audio (which is approved by you). Because not all clients are the same, the first thing I usually do is determine whether or not you will need licensed music for your project, or if you are interested in owning the rights to the music with a full buy out.

Licensing means that I retain all the rights to the tracks, which means that the cost to you is much less. I can even offer exclusive licensing to your project as well.

Full buy out means that you will own the rights to the tracks, including performance rights and copyrights. Due to the exclusive nature of this agreement, the cost to own the tracks is higher than to license them.

The second thing to do is to figure out what music you need for your project. Having worked on a truly wide range of music styles and instrumentation, I am happy to provide free consultation for what music might be best suited for the project, but I can also take provided examples and musically combine them in interesting ways. All you have to do is let me know how to bring your project to life.

Sound Effects and Sound Design:

I prefer to charge per completed effect, but not all effects require the same rate. Complex sounds and simple sounds weigh differently. I know that early in a project's development it can be hard to calculate how many sounds will be needed for an entire project, so usually sound effects are created in various milestones. I am happy to consult along the way to make it as painless as possible.

My goal, as always, is to provide you with a turn key solution to your audio, but should you need more fine tuning after the assets have been created, I have experience working with FMOD and Wwise, and I am willing and able to learn any middleware or game engines you might be using and would be happy to also assist in implementing audio in creative ways for your project. Implementation work is usually contracted hourly, but I am more happy to entertain other suggestions. Check out the wide range of sound effects I have made for other projects.

Podcasts and Audio Restoration:

What goes in to editing a podcast?

I can clean up audio recorded in untreated rooms and make it sound almost as good as if it were. I can correct volume from several mics and files being uneven. I can remove dead air and edit the audio to be without pauses. I can make audio from low quality microphones sound passable.

I charge per project, whether that means multiple files that go together, or one long file.

Vocals and Voice Overs:

If requested I can perform both of these tasks for Audio Compositions, Sound Effects as well as Voice Over. For Audio Composition and Sound Effects this is just included with no additional charge. For actual voice overs it depends heavily on the project itself whether it becomes hourly or by volume of content. I am happy to try and accommodate all budgets.

Video Editing:

New to my arsenal is video editing. Each project is slightly different. I can edit videos down in to much more engaging short form videos, and tell a better story through the use of clever edits and directing. I can apply custom titles and lower thirds that animate, and have a host of techniques to apply more interesting visuals as needed to engage the viewer, and I have an immensely powerful machine that allows very fast render times. Combined with the fact that I can also treat the audio at the same time and you have a secret weapon at your disposal in me.