Matthew Creamer is a composer and sound designer

Examples of my previous work

"The most important thing is not what note is being played, it is what the *next* note will be"

Matt "Radd" Creamer is a highly experienced composer and sound designer whose professional journey began in 2012. Matt is distinguished by his exceptional ability to seamlessly merge diverse musical genres, effortlessly shifting from the nostalgic charm of chiptunes to the epic scope of orchestral compositions. He explores the modern appeal of synthwave and synthpop and delves into cinematic soundscapes. Throughout his work, Matt crafts melodies that span the spectrum from uplifting to deeply emotional, showcasing his extraordinary versatility and creative talent.

Matt is also a seasoned sound designer known for crafting thousands of immersive sound effects across various genres, from retro classics to modern and imaginative worlds of sci-fi and fantasy. His expertise extends to seamlessly integrating audio assets using industry-standard tools like FMOD and Wwise.