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Matthew Creamer is a composer and sound designer for video games

Some of my favorite projects

"The most important thing is not what note is being played, it is what the *next* note to be played will be"

Matthew "Radd" Creamer has been creating music and sound design in the video game industry for over 10 years, but his interest in music goes all the way back to the earliest days playing his first video games. In his teenage years he taught himself to play guitar and piano, and eventually started to create original video game music in the style of his childhood consoles as a hobby. His ability to create music and to share and instruct others garnered him a respectable following on the internet under the pseudonym, "Norrin_Radd"

He completed courses in Music Theory, Audio Engineering and the Recording Arts at the Art Institute in BC Canada, and finished up by graduating from BCIT in Computer Systems Technology. While his hopes were to become a game designer himself, soon after graduation he received an offer (through his then Myspace account) to create music for what would eventually become the award winning title, Retro City Rampage. A long time dream had been realized. Matt Creamer was a composer for video games!